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Executive Coaching Services

Executive coaching for senior leaders, including board members
Executive Coaching is a confidential, one-to-one relationship between a coach and a leader, usually conducted to support a someone accountable for complex decisions or a wide scope of impact, often at board level.

  • The focus of executive coaching usually combines an element of organisational performance with a personal component to support professional development, personal growth and the ability to connect with other people.
  • The essence of executive coaching is helping a leader explore their current situation, including challenges, dilemmas and opportunities. By deepening self-understanding leaders develop insights and strategies to generate positive outcomes for their organization and ultimately for themselves.
  • Coaching is not telling people what to do; it’s providing the opportunity and environment for people to examine what they are doing in light of their intensions, and understand how this is being received by others.

Carol-Anne helps leaders deepen their understanding of themselves in the work environment and the impact they may be having on others. She has a coaching framework that supports people seeking to achieve both effective performance and increased personal satisfaction.

Developing high performing leadership teams
In today’s fast paced, cross functional and matrixed environment leadership teams need to find ways to work well together. The expectations on a senior team to deliver to multiple expectations and navigate often seemingly unsurmountable challenges have never been higher:

  • developing commercial or development strategies for products, portfolios and business units
  • understanding complex external environments whilst navigating regulatory hurdles
  • working with multiple external stakeholders with various, often conflicting needs
  • focusing on the business today whilst innovating for tomorrow
  • managing conflicting internal priorities

All whilst meeting their numbers and delivering top and bottom line results!

Carol-Anne works with executive committees and senior leadership teams to find simple, effective and practical ways for teams to deliver results. Working with both individual team members and full teams she supports people to

Build understanding and trust in each other

Find effective ways of working together, even when dealing with conflict and managing different priorities,

Develop simple yet effective team tools such as a team charter, ways of working and guiding principles

Align on common objectives, key performance indicators and regular follow up to monitor team performance.