Keeping yourself visible

I have recently been reading a book of short stories by Cecilia Ahern. The very first story in the book is The Woman Who Slowly Disappeared – literally she faded, became a shimmer and then was invisible to those around her. The problem for the woman in the story was that society led her to believe that she wasn’t important, that she didn’t exist. She listened – she told herself that she wasn’t important and eventually she believed it to the point that it became true. Her route to re-appearing was to believe in herself – “That I’m worthy. That there is potential, possibility, that I can still take on new challenges. That I can contribute. That I am interesting. That I’m not finished yet. That people know I’m here.” ¬†Keeping yourself visible can be a challenge for many of us, particularly women in the second half of their career, when life and family and well, just stuff can get in the way of staying up to date with new thinking, new ideas, new technology. ¬†It takes determination and courage to tell yourself that you are interesting, that you can take on new challenges, that you have potential. But if you don’t tell yourself, who will?